God is living in Japan, now

This is The sarcophagus of The Jewish Royality. Though this is Herod's family
on the explanation, The Jewish Royality is taken over by Herod.
To be exact, this is The sarcophagus of The Jewish Royality.

This is a creast of The King of Heaven(Japanese royality).
The stamp above The sarcophagus is same. The creast of The throne of The Teheran Palace is same thing.
This is the creast of The Sumer throne, and the creast of The Mu throne.
This is said the creast of horry lotus flower.( in Japanese, the creast of 16 chrysanthemum).
The Persians did not come only as conquerors, but as revolutionary innovators.
They brought stability and order through the famed Laws of the Medes and Persians,
as well as an unheard-of respect for existing religious institutions, which
guaranteed freedom of worship and accepted the religions of all peoples. They
permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem and granted them aid funds to reconstruct
their temple, or to settle wherever they wanted in the Achaemenian Empire. Large
Jewish communities still exist in Iran from that time. (Isfahan and Shiraz are modern
cities believed to have grown out of original Jewish settlements).At this ancient time,
the throne of the Achaemenian Empire is same thing

My name is sinobu.I am a Japanese.Japan is a Far East Country.It is made by God.Japan
is "nihon" or "yamato" in Japanese."Yamato" is "nation of God" in Hebrew.Japanese
is made by God. Japan race is made by God. There is The Ark on The Mt.Turugisan
at Tokushima. God is living in Japan now. Do you want God's message? Because
God's message is Japanese only, you will study Japanese. In the "LR", there
is God's message. And Israel is not a orthodox country. Japan is a orthodox
Jewish country.

Japan is the root of All religion. Japan is a homeground of God. Japan is the survival of
The Mu Kingdom. "Adam and Eve" is born at the Itsukushima Shrine in the hiroshima of Japan.

At present, Children is bred in devil environment. A made-up good that made by
devil soul prevalent.In the representation, there is the U.N. The U.N. at N.Y. City is made
by communist who killed 2 hundred millions people. And underground the U.N.
there are ATOMIC BOMB. I hear this from a Catholic soul. He is said a
trumpet. Messiah is attacked by communist with Scalar Weapons. Therefore,
hurry up studing Japanese. And please accept God's message. And please
participate a holy war against communist.And, it is necessary to remove an atomic bomb
in the underground of the United Nations first first of all.

These shall lift up their voice, they shall shout;
for the majesty of Jehovah they cry aloud from the sea.
Wherefore glorify ye Jehovah in the east, even the name of Jehovah,
the God of Israel, in the isles of the sea.
From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs: Glory to the righteous.
("The American Standard Version of the Holy Bible")
Thee isles of the sea from the uttermost part of the earth in the east is Japan.
The same basic doctrine began in Israel with Judaism and branched out into
Christianity. The process of development here begins with the founding of the
human race by Adam and Eve and continues on through the story of Cain and
Abel story of Noah's ark the story of the Tower of Babel the story of the father
of the Jewish race Abraham and his son Isaac the story of the twelve tribes the
removal of Jacob and his eleventh son Joseph and his trib to Egypt and the
movment of the rest of the twelve tribes ti Southeast Asia and the other
nations of Asia(including Japan) and culminates in the advent of the history of
Christianity found in the story of the suffering of the descedants Jacob's tribe in
Egypt. The two buranches of the twelve tribes of Abraham[ JOB("IOB of island"
in Hebrew) and Sons of ISAIAH ] settled in Japan.who settled in Japan created
and passed on the Shinto relgion with the Great Goddess Amaterasu as its founder.


The Twenty-First Century

Alomg with the arrival of morning with its beams of golden light
The world welcomes a radiant new century.
How long how many eons of time has the world waited!
Everything seen or heard while man waited was mere falsehood.

It was not a new age,
But only false hosannas
Raised for the coming of a false savior.
But amidst all this the true savior also appeared,
And he saw the curtain fall on the end of the false drama.
The human race saw not salvation, but a drama.

Time after time mankind tasted disappointment,
With the taste of disappointment in their mouths
they again waited with hope.
Wondering when the end of the decadent world would come,
When the coming of the Kingdom of God close at hand.
The human race did not know true inner hope.

In spite of this history went on thoughtlessly
Calling down rain and wind calling down storms,
Calling down wars to harm mankind.
Even those who pray were sent out to battlefields
To join the bands of murderers.
Science became a lethal weapon to kill mankind,
And politics became a desire for power.

The dull hearts of mankind heed not the distress of heaven,
They forget yhe passage of time in evil temptations and
godless pleasures
Thinking only of these things
They ignore god and drown in pleasures.
They knew not that this was the true degradation of the soul,
And they sunk deeper and deeper into the drowning depths.

But Satan David did not love mankind in this state

In fact he despised them.
He had no need for men
Who allowed themselves to be confused
And to simply hand themselves over
To the temptations of evil.
It is rather those of strong principles,
Who live with goodness justice and love,
And who are loved by heaven that he aims for.

This is because Satan David has no creed,
And no love and he only finds joy in
Destruction confusion and degradation.
It is only those who fall victim to his evil who are to be pitied.
It is those who turn away their eyes from our helping
hands and go away
To be deceived by Satan David's ugly hands into believing
they will bring.
Salvation and joy. These are to be pitied.
It is those who cannot distinguish
Between the signs of heaven and the signs of Satan
And who continue in a state of confusion.
These are to be pitied.

Thought it is what they sought,
Those people live where our voices cannot reach,
They live in darkness.
Those who are arrogant with pride believing they live in light
Are the ones who live in hell.

Oh ye men who know not the depths
Of our father's plan for you
Ye who are being so simple and complately deceived!
But he had mede even the true light of salvation slide
Into the road of destruction
And finally fall under its rule.
This one who rejected our father's love
and compassion is also to be pitied.
The one who was confused by Satan David and dreamt of
false glory is also to be pitied.
His life is sad indeed.

But the human race can only wait for salvation and
the Kingdom of God
And for those who are chosen by God
To become citizens of that kingdom.
True hope and love and light always descend from heaven,
And those who search and come near these things
will receive that light and be purified.
It is only those who have been purified who will be
welcomed into our Kingdom of God

Where new land and new sky have been formed
And there they will abide.
The new century begins with our blessings.

by The Heaven King Michael

An Angel's Pledge

Becoming the fire of the blast furnace.
The spirit of an angel.
Reduces eil spirits to ashes

Who is it who defiles the inviolate
Sacred Kingdom of Heaven?

The heart that ravages the ninth dimension in the name of Satan David.
And finds pride in the memory of such sacrilege.

Even if our father Jehovah
Where to extend his compassion and grant forgiveness.
Shall not be forgiven.

Tasting hardships, memories of millions of years.
Close our hearts.

Compared to this, far far more
Is there good found in Lucufer's soul.

From Veh-erde he came,
he came to make this earth his kingdom.
Oh, Satan David, manipulator of good spirits!

In our land, the heavenly Kingdom of Light,
Thy evil soul will never more be allowed,
Nor granted the right to speak again.

Even if thou wert to make thyself into a seed or break into dust,
To try to take revenge,

Such thoughts, by our soul's
Eternal energy will destroy.

by Gabriel


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It is necessary to correct in the book of the upper introduction. 
Isaiah does not consider Talmud. King Manasseh who was a Judaist 
according to the instruction of Evil spirit David assassinated Isaiah. 
And it became the Babylonian captivity. Devilish law "Talmud" was 
made at that time. The Judaist who followed the words of Isaiah 
who is the prophet of God has emigrated to Japan. 
Then, the God and the evil spirit were divided. The Judaist according 
to the evil spirit made "Talmud", 
and It became the plan of a communist revolution.

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WEB site of Satan System
Message of Raphael Heaven King Assistance
Definition of Satan's teaching of Aliene
" Firstly, It negates God and a moral, and disregard a voice of a conscience.
Secondarily, It plans as a purpose to destruct a law, various
rules, the customs, and the traditions which supports a nation and society
and acts.
Thirdly,It plans a family break-up, bends value of a love that mutually is
the only relation with a human being, and aims at a cruel character making dry
like the desert.
Fourthly, the value of the marriage of the monandrous system established by
the God of the Christianity is decreased, and, similar promiscuity, marriage
of which it falls into disorder, and divorce as an animal are done naturally,
and the consideration of the crime is lost as a result.
Fifthly, It shall become indifferent for "Life and death", and produce mental
state which can be easily done "Homicide and cruelty" in the society that even
the woman and the child do not hesitate to do.
Really with an intention like this, a lot of literary works and "drama and commercial
work" of the television and the radio for telecast and broadcasting are constantly
made and it is also made to the cartoon for children. This phenomenon is a social
phenomenon that no one cannot be denied.
And, what attitude do people who faithfully executed it from the 1st fifthly
live? Only the person who get rough(increase in delinquent boy and girl, bullying,
and brutal criminal) is increases. And the person and the child have disappeared
from this country, who overflow broad-mindedly in hope without any inhibitions,
the beautiful one is pleased, and have the laughter which does not darken. Other
free nations are also the same. Other freedomist nations are also the same. In the
countries where a communism principle, socialist thought (thought which plans the
fifth from first and executes it), and liberalism (people who resonate fifthly
from the first, and move it to the action voluntarily) infiltrate, and it's erosion
is advanced, especially this phenomenon is remarkable. When the one which this Satan
(Satan's Thought) denies is analyzed, there are only two kinds of answers as a result.
"Conscience and love" leads to the protection of "Man society and continue of the
seed", and "Prosper and continue of the seed". The disorder of sex leads to "Crime,

struggle, and death", and invites "Ruin of the seed". The God hoped for the former,
and brought "Conscience, love, and life" to man's world.The Satan tries to hope for
the latter, and bring the struggle and the death. Both you who believe us and people
who don't believe us and don't follow, which the life or the death do you choose?

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Because of destroying A monandrous system.
"Uncle was teaching me (in the true sense) to levitate. "Select seven women, beautiful women, Goddesses," he instructed. "

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