The Book of El Lantie

 It is generally thought that I have never spoken directly with you the people of the world or preached the Shoho or given you messages but on the contrary I have merged with human beings a number of times I have gone through repeated reincarnations and during these processes I have preached the law to the people of the world directly.
 And as Chief Archangel Michael explained in the Book of Michael it is not true that I merged with Shinji Takahashi. It is also true that he is nothing more than the true reincarnation of the Buddha and as such he only holds a high position in the Nyorai world.
 This was carried out in accordance with one of the plans of the celestial world and for this reason we have insisted on its being carried out without alteration for the purpose of deceiving Satan Dabid.
 Michael Keiko however was not a part of the plans of heaven. Thus alterations had to be made because maintennance of the premise that Michael Keiko was the true reincarnation of Michael had become a matter of dignity to the celestial world by this time.
 If the inheritor had not appeared this would not have become a problem. The celestial world would have been happy to support this falsehood. But the fact was that the inheritor was there outside the GLA waiting for the time to appear to receive enlighttenment and to join the GLA.
 We had made various plans for the ultimate manifestation of this inheritor which we had tested out in GLA gatherings for study and training but unfortunately the hardhearted people there did not take note of our suggestions.
 Of course at that time we had no intention of introducing Yuko Chino as one of ten great disciples of the Buddha so we let it go by without taking further action. This was in February of last year 1977.
 Then in both March and April the GLA refused Yuko Chino's applications for membership. When her mother went to her local branch to tell them of Yuko Chino's enlightenment the branch head and other members tried to force her mother to deny the validity of the fact of her enlightenment.
 We were not able to let them get by with this. Contact with the depravity and ignorance of the members of the GLA demonstrated in this incident led us to abandon the GLA from that time onward. The GLA was from the start no more than a decoy group. The celestial world had set it up in the hope that it would receive new members with enlightment one after another and grow bigger and that through the cooperation of Yuko Chino and Michael Keiko(since she was named inheritor by Shinji Takahashi and is in control of the GLA at present) the members of the GLA would come to know who is a true union with what spirit which we had intendrd for them to be informed by Michael Keiko and of the validity of Yuko Chino as the inheritor.
 We however realized that this was not possible because Michael Keiko was already so idolized praized as such a 'great person' and even worshipped as a Messiah due to her psychic powers and her fine face and figure.
 The physic powers that she possessed were not those that gave her the ability to cure illnesses or exorise possessions by spirits but was merely the ability to pass on the words of the celestial world through spirits of the fourth dimension. Other than this she had no powers at all. And after she became possessed by Satan she did nothing but transmit the words and undulations of Satan to the members of GLA.
 At that time all the members became possessed except for those with true hearts and those who were pure. These persons were made seriously ill upon contact with Satan's undulations and they suffered for a very long time. Some of these persons became aware of what was happening to them and left the GLA. There is a clear and correct reason for becoming ill when one becomes possessed. It is not simply a matter of spiritual superstition but rather because of the fact that a spirit whose physical body has died of a certain disease still uncured.
 Then when that spirit possesses a healthy living body it absorbs the energy and light of that body in order to cure itself. Thus the same disease is passed on to the living body.
 People of the three dimensions must consult physicians of the three dimensions in order to cure their illnesses and this makes the possessing spirit happy because that spirit receives treatment along with the person of the three dimensions.
 Spirit body diseases however must be cured in the celestial world. But since they are in the three dimensional world when they possess a living person's body and three dimensional treatment is not effective in the curing of such a disease the living person only becomes progressively worse.
 At the same time since it is possible for a living person to be cured in the third dimensions when they become able to exude the light they can throw off the possessing spirit. For this reason we teach people to go three dimensional physicians for the treatment of three dimensional illness.
 This is slightly off the subject at hand but the GLA does not accept people who have gained enlightenment but only those who worship themselves and their own Messiah as members.
 Thus heaven eliminated the GLA which attempted to build a giant pyramid organization with Michael Keiko at the summit. Then the celestial world went on to draw members away from the GLA.
Among the upper echelon of the members of GLA there were some who had sufficient vision and knowledge to criticise the activities of Michael Keiko but were even plotted against by those persons.
 They even chased Naoko Miyata around trying to throw her into a lunatic asylum and the entire organization fell into total lawlessness.
Seeing this situation how could we of heaven allow the existence of the group to continue?
 In the entire history of religion was there ever a group that plotted to force a person to enter a lunatic asylum and to actually carry out such a plan when that person was one who was near to the Messiah who preached the law of God and who attempted the type of methods the GLA actually utilized and they are trying to bury all this in the passage of time.
 And Shinji Takahashi not only neglected to make any attempt to rectify the lawlessness of the GLA or to control it but even evaded his responsibility on this score and left the whole matter to us to solve. Since we were the ones who created this decoy group we did what we could no correct it.
 But right in the midst of the great fervor within GLA in favor of Michael Keiko as the Messiah along with the efforts from outside the group as well as from us for the purpose of reviving belief in Shinji Takahashi that same Shinji Takahashi plotted to betray heaven.
 He worked separately from Satan to entice the good spirits of the celestial world to betray heaven and set them to work against the third dimension.
 This betrayal began in February of last year. The number of good spirits who betrayed heaven was at first only one-fifith of the total but this number increased in two months increments to one-forth and then to one-third.
 Satan who came from Veh-erde and has psychic powers possesses the same knowledge and abilities that I do. Thus the people of the third dimension became confused about what was effected a delay in the piblication of The door to Heaven he kept its sales down and he skillfully manipulated the sales methods of the book stores making the efforts of both the publishing company and we of the celestial world completely fruitless.
 He made even friends of Yuko Chino's mother betray her he put doubt into the hearts of those who we believed to be of the genuine enlightenment and stopped their preaching of the true Shoho.
 He made people rebel against the celestial world and had them continue to preach the mistaken Shoho(the Cosmos Law) that he had devised and he almost succeeded in creating a new self-deceptive heaven with himself as head man.
 And through the concerted efforts of Satan and his underlings and Shinji Takahashi and his supporters two attempts were made on the lives of Yuko Chino and the seven archangels and they were thus placed in great danger.
 Then after a ten day battle we succeeded in wiping out all those who were part of this rebellion against heaven on February 13. Only Shinji Takahashi himself was spared.
You surely understand the reason he was spared. It was because his betrayal had come after he had completed his life on earth as a good man. Sacrificing the plans of the celestial world we gave him all the compassion possible in the form of a chance for regenerration.
But his repentance was only on the surface.
 This is because of his attachment to the members of GLA who had decreased to 30000 and had been once more increased to 40000 through the power of Satan along woth his attachment to his daughter(Keiko Takahashi). His pity for his daughter during his period of foolish wandering was most likely the motive behind Shinji Takahashi's first rebellion.
 Under the name of compassion we granted Shinji Takahashi a period of grace until April 2 during which time we appealed to him to repent change his ways and cooperate with the policies of the celestial world.
But he plotted on that very day of April 2 his first and last large scale plan to single-handedly lead the lives of all the good spirits remaining in the celestial world as well as the life of Yuko Chino into a crisis and to utterly destroy them. And at 5:13a.m. he himself spirit was destroyed.
 There was never before anyone who had been worshipped as a Messiah and whose name lived long after his death who betrayed heaven as he did.
 Betrayal by Jesus betrayal by Buddha betrayal by Moses - how could anyone even imagine such a thing?
 But these men also might have done the same thing if their disciples had done the kind of foolish things turned their backs on heaven and entered the path of madness like his GLA had done and if we had demanded that they once more bring those disciles under control as we did in the case of Shinji Takahashi.
 But these other great men suffered a great deal more than Shinji Takahashi. They abandoned all attachments. And they either abandoned their families or lived apart from them. Thus the level of the training that their souls went through was extremely high and even after they entered the celestial world they endured many hardships.
 These men met with suffering during their lives on earth. They progressed through and beyond that suffering or they practiced a deep delving within themselves and carried out the law and outwardly poured forth love and compassion unending. This training of the spirit permeated all the nine levels of their to the celestial world where they have continued to pass the subsequent time in the truth faith justice love and compassion. Through all this experience they have never committed any sort of error nor have they ever acted in any way against the will of heaven.
 At present tne number of those living in heaven has decreased. There are also some new arrivals but they are all persons who have not betrayed the celestial world. And those new persons who have been chosen were selected for their low level of possibility for betraying heaven.
 The final judgement reduced the number even further and after that there were new betrayals day after day by those new betrayals served to further reduce the number of good souls living in heaven. When a spiritual body becomes confused upon some single matter or other it is very difficult for it to shift its attention to somedthing else. This shortcoming manifested itself in concrete terms here and heaven began to take on the aspect of the famous mutiny on the ship alled Bounty. Even in heaven the world of the spirits demands constant rectification of the heart. A soul is almost pure energy. Thus a single thought is equivalent in energy volume and the soul becomes a concentrated mass of energy when possessed by one thought. When a soul owns a physical body the various necessities of life make it possible for it to change its thought patterns to avoid concentration upon malicious intents and wicked thoughts. But a spiritual body must pass many days of trouble and pain in such a situation. They do have emotional shifts the same as human beings. Even though they are spirits of the dead that still are or that float about on the earth they are not stupid. It is just that they are inferior to those in heaven in terms of powers of thought deduction and judgement as well as in the extent of their memory. Many of them are illogical and irrational.
 (Perhaps their mental capacity is low due to the fact that they dwell upon only one thing and do not think about anything else. There are some who can be convinced are unable explanations. But those who refuse to be convinced are unable to grasp an idea no matter how many times it is explained to them.)
In this manner there came to be many new faces among us of the celestial world. And now that the final judgement in the celestial world is completed the only thing that is left for us to do is to set things right again now that this unexpected disaster is over.
 And the final judgement in the third dimension is contunuing in spite of the obstruction caused by the betrayal that began on February 2-the battle with Satan. About half of the entire world has been completed. The people of the world are judged for their sins while they are still alive. This is the fulfillment of the spiritual pronouncements made by John in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament and it is also an important turning point in the changes from the old to the new necessary to the preparations for the Kingdom of God.
 Also drastic changes have been made in the number of those in the higher dimensions. Thus it has become necessary to increase the number of persons there to maintain control in the increase the number of persons there to maintain control in the celestial world. For the purpose of making it even stronger than before eleven persons were sent to the ninth dimension including six of the original seven archangels in August and at the same time I who have retired from the position I had held up to the present along with my successor Michael were placed in the space world above that dimension. The chief of the archangels the archangels themselves the leader of the angels and his subleader all changed. I made a formal proclamation to that effect. And Buddha Jesus and Moses also came to the space world.
But the thing that is most important for me to confess to you people is that due to the appearance of Satan and his obstructions the vertical connection between the fourth and third dimensions has been made even less effective than before causing the building of a Utopia on earth to end as a mere idea.
 I myself have always attempted to increase the communication between us and the hearts of those on earth by speaking directly to you but each time I made the attempt skillful obstructions were set up by Satan. I have continued to be troubled by the distorted legends that were thus created about me during the days of the Old Tastament. Among those incidents that were said to have come about through the wrath of God there are many that were only the vandalism of Satan at work. In the days of Jesus Chirist I was able to speak directly through Jesus but after that time this became impossible once more. So I had the archangels or such angels as Daniel and Samuel work to reveal my will and my purposes to people who had natural spiritual powers.
 Heaven met with betrayal and rebellion from both inside and outside the GLA. We had never dreamed such a thing would happen. Of course we made the decision to condemn Nakano and take away his right to eternal life. We reported this matter to him through Shinji Takahashi. But he must have had betrayal in his heart already. His report must have been made in such a way as to leave doubt in the mind of receiver either in the way the content was presented or in the method used for the transmission. Or it may be that when Nakano received the report he felt no fear in his heart and his conscious mind made him believe that it was the work of the devil. The reason things came to this pass in spite of the fact that Nakano himself had contributed to The Door to Heaven under the name of Misuho Hirota was nothing more nor less than the doubt of the celestial world that was placed in his heart by Satan and Shinji Takahashi. It was this that made it a simple matter for one who had believed in and cooperated with Yuko Chino to rebel against her.
This entire set of circumstances was yhe direct result of the plottings of Satan of Veh-erde - my twin brother who spent a lifetime on earth as the excellent physicist David Cantareh.Up until all this took place my heart was unsettled with reluctance but since it is now the time of the final judgement I feel that it is necessary to make everything absolutely clear along with all the other changes taking place in heaven.
 As he is my twin brother it has been my eternal dream to save his soul. If only he had cooperated with me and not placed obstructions in the way if the building of a Utopia for the dissemination of the Shoho! Aside from that he was normally an approachable person. It is just that he was even when he lived as a human being. And his wife El Helena-Hera Cantareh-was not an evil person either. It is just that she knew the greatness of the power of the fourth dimension and found pleasure in utilizing it to manipulate the third dimention ajust as she pleased in the same way that her hasband did.
 Even through they repented and became good spirits their hearts were soon filled once again with self-deception and they were transformed into evil spirits. The same phenomenon can be seen to take place frequently among those who live as human beings. An inverterate mischievousness a characteristic joy in troubling other people a mistaken idealism an insistence upon pushing one's own ideas and theories on others a willful desire to inflict punishment on others without investigating the right or wrong of a matter - there are characteristics found in many persons who have been pampered and overindulged. And since he is in the very special position of having been born as my twin brother his pride and lust for power grew out of all proportions. He always used methods that I could not perceive of. Further I was aware that almost all the major obstacles I had to face were placed in my path by this brother of mine. And I did everything in my power to get rid of those obstacles.
 My brother utilized all the knowledge he had gained when he was on earth to destroy my constructive plans because after he became a spirit he was so bored by the great amount of time on his hands with no work to do. In this he also had the free use of the powers of the fourth dimension.
 When considered from his position as a god this is a phenomenon that is very difficult to understand but when one thinks of him as the spirit of a human being it is easy to see that he has all the human personality traits of rebellion destructive drive artifice and destructive action. With this sort of schemes in mind it must be simple for you people to understand how this one man could have fallen from heaven into the undulations of hell after which he repented and changed his activities and then once more became Satan.
Then human man Lucifer was manipulated by my brother's wife and thus became a victim along with the Angel Luciel with whom he was merged.
 And after all the inauspicious events that took place 1978 I was finally pushed beyond endurance and I gave the orders that I had to in the final judgement to my brother and his wife.
The celestial world-heaven is governed by extremely strict rules and law. Thus you can understand the bitter cross we of the celestial world and especially I myself had to bear up to this time if you think of how it must have been when the celestial world was a home of good spirits who were full of love and compassion and from among people gave in to evil as Judas appeared or when good people gave in to evil temptations. And you can most likely understand the feelings if the good spirits who were tempted by the words of David to betray us.
 Here I wish to make a clear request to all of you for the purpose of avoiding the rise of such a confused situation again in the future. I request that all of you living in the third dimension strengthen the good within yourselves purify yourhearts that you hate all evils against society and morality and that you learn what true justice is. And that you work from that foundation alone to give compassion through faith and love. And work to make your belief in the protection and love of God(the heavenly world) turn into a mutual trust among yourselves that is of the same quality.
 You must gain a sharp perception of the difference between good and evil right and wrong and truth and falsehood to recognize the heart of the mundate world and the heart of men of that world as offensive things. And you must chase these things out of your own heart. The reason for this is because all of these are things that make evil spirits happy that make one's own spirit evil and that we of heaven cannot accept.
 Nevertheless in spite of its being a group that is set up to preach the Shoho and its having taken on the activities of Shinji Takahashi who is the hontai (the primary body) of the Buddha and its responsibility to thus be an example to others it has instead only curried favor with people through deception and hypocrisy it has acted on its own set of morals and has preached that only its own ways are right with no greatness of thought to its credit. Not a single person among its ranks preached the great principles of the Shoho which systematizes the priciples of the cosmos and applies those principles to individual situations.
 They(GLA) teach only such commonplace theories of morality as the eight paths of righteousness and the golden mean. With no more than these priciples there is no way that they can possibly give the people of the world sufficient enthusiasm to save this failing world from destruction.
 The Buddha preached much greater things than this. He taught more about the specific work the people in each type of position and social class should do. Among the countless religious groups existing in the world today how many of them teach matters such as this how many of them are making positive efforts to pull the world through its present crisis and on to salvation?
 If there were someone who was preaching the true way among them they would not be able to keep silent in the face of the present situation.
  Religion is not for the purpose of religionists to preach the true way in return for people's contributions,membership fees,donations or to gain an income as professional preachers or makers of talismans or chanters of incantations to ease people's minds. Religions persons only use their knowledge for the purpose of reciving remunerations for the support of themselves, their own families, and their own dependents, They give people the empty promise of prosperity under the name of true happiness for mankind(,a thing that it isimpossible since they are not actually passing on the promise of God but only in effect, passing bad cheques).
  God has not made such a promise. And he has no intention of doing so. No promise of happiness has been made to any except those who have the qualifications to enter the celestial world-absolute and thorough going goodness, and full development of one's own goodness.
  If the present world is not to fall into total destruction there shall never again be a world where evil prospers and where goodness is forced to suffer such unhappiness. This is the gospel, the good word for those who have a firm grasp on the goodness within themselves. Please pay careful attention to the matters presented in this book, understand its contents, and learn discrimination.
  The decadence and deception of the old world must never again be taught to the little children, the boys and girls, and the young men and women. The buds of self deception must not be allowed to appear.
  It is a good thing for people to live a free and easy life. And it is pleaseing to see people be human in the good sense of the word.
  But this definitely does not mean that they are to become member of the kingdom of irrational beasts.
  Along with the changes that have come about during the course of history, we of heaven have seen and heard of the prosperity and decline of many different races. And the reasons for their decline are always the same - ignorance, irresponsibility, and immorality.