Personal computer that God recommends

Now, in order to defend God country(Japanese tradition), I recommend the next model.

Desktop (in Japanese)

Note (in Japanese)


Correct machine ( not compatible machine with IBM ) this explains it above mentioned for a machine that IBMDOS doesn't act. The headquarter of
IBM moves to Japanese Hiroshima, and if IBM executive becomes a naturalized person, promise to attain a duty of " Japanese ", let's recall this word.
Intention if IBM headquarter doesn't move it is tasteless.
However reform point of a personal computer of NEC
I again make a run on a reset button.
Second, original CPU of the company which takes a Japanese nationality is sold applying it.
Third, a keyboard ( keyboard ) with an order of " ", takes and changes it, make a run on " X " and " ~ " simultaneously and attaches it where the Hiragana
doesn't take and adheres to it. It attaches and includes it, think about an action management system that a development fully appear with Japanese with a
machine word standard
The fourth attaches a watch dog timer.
RAM, does for a static RAM fifth.
Sixth, a character mark system tries fully exit an action with JIS code only.
Seventh, it switches to the operation power supply suitable for the country which
buys it.

Though I think that it is a reform point a large quantity still, I am to make a personal computer that an in short Japanese traditional incense does. Though
thought the object of an open architecture is good, that wants to stand at a worldwide historical problem also in a ground that thinks

As doing Katakana display for a keyboard, for example in the past, IBM system displays it with the Hiragana. Display of a keyboard is near Japan style for one of
another IBM system now also. For a case of IBM, even though the exterior goes to Japanese formality, the inside tries to spread a thought of Jew(Satan David's).
For a case of IBM, as far as the headquarter doesn't move for Japan, because it is a naval and military strategic material for a personal computer, it is more
wise not to buy it rather.

The place currently sold at medieval times (In Japanese)

Why do you sell the compatible machine of the company of a terrorist crime group series? Rather than an IBMDOS compatible machine, the mother board of PC-98 compatible machine of one 1.5 times the performance of this must be made, and it must always spread in the world.The improvement in functional is realizing by the compatible mother board of PC-98, and continuing developing. It is the contents with which God is pleased.