The Dawning of Hope

                                                                                 by The Heaven King Michael

 I am Michael.
 Perhaps some of you already know about me. Those of you who do not may remember me in world history as the angel Michael who appeared to Joan of Arc and decreed that she save France.Furthermore,in the Bible,I was mentioned along with the heavenly messenger Gabriel,as one of the angels to find the Apostles to aids, and we worked with other angels to
find the Apostles to spread his teachings,and also we aided Christ in performing many of his miracles. In addition to this,i am the one given the responsibility of bringing about the seven disasters and of conducting the last judgement,which the Apostle John wrote about in the Book of Revelations.There,I am listed clearly as one of the seven messengers of heaven to come down to earth.At the same time,I am prophesied as being the one who will fight against
Lucifer who has been trapped in the form of a great serpent for a thousand years.
@What I wish to convey to you in this book("SERMES" Edited by Yuko Chino and Kyoto Group, Jeiai Publishing Co., Ltd Tokyo. TEL03-5453-1870) is that all those founders of reliGions who left great teachings behind, all come from the same source. That is to say, they have all been preaching in the same truth. This includes Shakyamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ who were both worshipped as savior, as well as Moses who crossed the Red Sea under the guidance of Jehovah. Moses saved the Israelites by leading them out of Egypt where they had been persecuted and suffered for many years in slavery.(This is detailed in the Book of Exodus in the Bible).
 All great teachings conform to the same laws which are those operating in the universe as a whole, and apply to everything including nature and man, plants and animals; all these creation have their origin in the greater cosmos.The cosmos should be regarded as the primal source which gives birtth to all things and all phenomena. This is what people who have been worshipped as God. One reason for saying this, is that the peoplein the past, although they may have been truely great human spirits, are nevertheless only a part of life which came forth according to the law of evolution. These great teachers all have spirits of human beings which are part of the heaven kingdom. Angels and Tathagatas and Bodhisattvas, as well as the great scientists, inventors and doctors, are all left with the same human spirit after death. Only their role and job on earth differs according to the level to which they belong, Without a doubt, Jesus, Moses and Buddha, were each great teachers well worthy of being worshipped as God. Their spirits all reside in the Realm of the Sun, the highest level among the celestial realms. Each of these great teachers are working day and night to save the human beings on earth from various temptations and wicked plots from hell, by instructing and leading other spirits in the celestial realm.
 The reason these great teachers have to do this is because mankind has forgotten that they are part of nature, and that their spirit is immutable, and as a result, many have fallen into lives of depravity and disintegration. Also, many people are drowned in the desires of the flesh, and never have righteous aspirations or the longing to show the divine world to the precious spirit they were given--the spirit which is not extinguished with death. Unkowing, these people are lured by evil spirits to fall into the pit of darkness (hell). It is clear to anyone that attempts have been made time and time again to teach mankind through various spiritual leaders and messiahs about how to open their eyes to their mistaken ways; to realize what constitutes a life truely fitting for a human, and what the Kingdom of God, true peace and the ideal world are all about.
 Mankind, as one small part of the universe, cannot keep on ignoring the law of the greater universe, where plants and animals live in harmony and sacrifice themselves so that others may live, just as the stars and planets mutually support each other. It is inexcusable that mankind act selfishly. We, the angels in heaven, are working assiduously day and night to prevent this by fighting evil spirits who are tempting man and instigating the destruction of the enviroment and nature at large. Satan is plotting to bring about the downfall of mankind and to adversely affect nature's balance on earth on order to hasten the destruction of earth. This battle against Satan cannot be fougt without a deep understanding and learn from them.
 As for Buddha, he taught that the Universe and every individual are basically the same; that rebirths were repeated for eternity in accordance with the same fumdamental laws. In science, this same concept is called "the law of the conservation of mass." Buddha referred to possessing a spirits of eternal rebirth as reincarnation. Buddha taught that just as the sun perpetually bestows its light and benevolence on everything, peoples' hearts should be filled with overflowing compassion. He also taught that people must have mutual respect for each other and live with an impartial mind with correct judgement in order to end all discrimination by social class and status. All these teachings are the will and teachings of heaven.
 Human beings who are the lord of all creation must not undo the laws of mutual preservation and interdependence of nature. They should instead rethink what mutual preservation and interdependence really mean, in order to became the prime examples of it. The balanced and harmonious world brought about in this way would be just like that paradise called the Garden of Eden which was lost so long ago. There would be no destruction or disillusionment there, and civilization rather than meeting its destruction, would be built up progressively advanced levels. As long as man does not become captive to the desires tied to the flesh and the five senses, his soul will evolve and he will not err into misguided ways.
 This is God's truth or the divine truth, which is called the True Law (Shoho) by those of us in heaven. This book is a work which goes on to elucidate the True Law from a scientific perspective. If those who are called scientists in the world today would earnestly question the significance of the true God with a humble heart, and lend an ear to the appeal we are making to people, then this work could become a forerunner of many other books which examine religion scientifially in greater depth.
 There is a need to examine with greater impartiality, the truths which have been handed down to us in the area of phiosophy since the time of Ancient Greece. Heaven desires that people learn and become aware of how human beings really ought to live. This must be done by clarifying the old teachings once more and by adding on precepts and truths which the messaiahas in the past were not able to teach as a whole. People need to find out what the human race is really about, and what it means to be a human being, and how humans should live. You must understand clearly that world peace, prosperity and happiness can only be brought about through the mutual cooperation of heaven and earth, and live your life accordingly. Mankind has been asked to build the Kingdom of God on earth since the time of Jesus. The outline of the Kingdom of God can be given as such.
 This book was written to clarify the master plan of the celestial realm to mankind, and to make heaven's voice heard for the purpose of correcting, one by one , the past mistakes made in the terrestial world. The other purpose of this book is to undo the work of the countless evil spirits to prevent the growth of their power. These evil spirits take control over individuals who are optimists and live only for the moment, but who are unaware of the existence of evil spirits and their wicked plot. Evil spirits take possession of these unconscious souls and turn them into agents for spreading their wicked influence in the world. Even those who are aware of the existence of evil spirits are made to follow their sheme by deceit and artifice, so these people who should know better go on to lead others astray in directed by heaven's voice. Therefore, even good natured people, who should really be led by spirits who are the children of God, are instead diverted as the evil spirits please.
 What we angels ask of the human race living on earth, more than anything else, is to build a world of harmony and peace by forming a union of all nations in close cooperation with the celestial realm.
 Naturally, this development is not to be limited to only Japan, but in order to be realized, this must take place with the entire global community working as one. The most important thing is where we direct our aim, and thr aim of people should be for everyone to turn their heart to the practice of the True Law in the correct form, to further their own understanding and to always make an effort towards enlightenment. Evil spirits will depart from such people, and also help will be extended from heaven to give the person strength.  Those of us in the celestial realm have always desired just this.
 In recent times, the number of spiritual mediums have increased, and people who would like to act as if they were the savior of the world are appering in some sects of various religious. This is because souls from the Bodhisattva realm have come down from heaven to save the world in its final days, and they have united with certain individuals to display all forms of miraculous manifestations. The people who have been joined by higher spirits have attracted attention in the world with their miraculous works, and they have been exalted with great admiration and worship. this has caused the strange situation where self-admiration begins to grow in the heart of this person, the more he or she is praised. So eventually, even the soul in the Bodhisattva realm which formed the union with that individual begins to fall into the trap of conceit and starts to imagine that the person he has joined is no less than the savior of the world.
 This naturally causes the individual who is joined with and reflecting the consciousness of the higher soul, the enlightened men and women of the world, to become deluded that they are endowed with such miraculos powers by their own doing and cles. They even go as far as to openly behave as if this were true. This phenomenon only occurs with those persons who are united with souls from the Bodhisattva realm.
@At the Bodhisattva level in the spiritual development of a soul, one aims to save mankind and to purify ones own heart and mind to serve others without regard for oneself. Among normal people, the men are usually faced with hard competition out in the world, and more often acquire self discipline. While yje women, on the other hand, have the mothering instinct as their essential nature and are more easily given to self-sacrifice, so it is not as difficult  for women. In other words, women are not as strong as men in terms of self discipline and strength of will, and therefore do not reach their moral excellence. Thus, women are more apt to stumble and fall in working towards a certain goal(needless to say, there same weaknesses are possessed by many men). People with such underdeveloped characters are weak in the face of temptation. These tendencies come to the surface no only during ones lifetime, but also throughout the course of eternity.
 Even those souls which are extolled in the world as being a living Buddha and complete their life to rise up to the celestial realm, or those who happen by circumstance to receive honors from heaven, are not exempt from temptation. Even though they may keep their hearts pure throughout their initially sharp minds become off guard after many lives and countless years. These souls can end up becoming arrogant when their words transmitted to earth by uniting with an individual on earth, or otherwise by sending messages through a medium, become treasured and accepted unconditionally, regardless of what they may say, It gets to a point where these souls begin to think that their level of consciousness is so high that they can singlehandedly bring about the salvation of all mankind on earth.
 You still have a great deal left to learn about differentiating empty man made idols, idolized savior figures and founders of religious sects. You have to be able to discern by each person's excellence is such that their truths penetrate deep into your heart. A spiritual teacher must not be one who only gives devine truths superficially in terms of conventional moral precepts and philosophical treatises.
 The point is, these teachers must be accompanied by light. Their words must be those light. Such words of light are protected by angels in heaven, and they fill the hearts of people and leave a lasting impression. The people who hear these words wake up and become conscious of the fact that they have to fulfill their duty to God. What is then necessary, is that this sense of mission receive the sympathy and protection of a devine spirit in the celestial realm, and that it be carried on continuously. It goes without mention that there is no room for any falsehood or test that it is devinely inspired, no matter how many times it is tested.
 Once this seeking for proof of devine origin is abandoned, God is no longer present any more. No light comes from above and the protection of devine spirits is gone. Then it often happens that the founder or those in leadership positions go rampant, and like charlatans, began to deceive innocent people and curry favor with the masses which heaven has long forsaken. In effect, these false teachers prosper by aiding the work of Satan in turning this world into hell.
 This will cause the earth to recede back into darkness, and people will be plagued by hellish times and prospects, ending their days in nothing more than just the endurance of suffering. The periods of constant warfare and the times when religious leaders were persecuted, the so-called dark ages weere all such times. When people lose their mental composure and peace of mind, the whole world begins to head toward the destruction of nature, the extinction of mankind, and the dissolution of earth. The final outcome is clearer than daylight.
 Therefore, heaven finally decided to have Yuko Chino, the rightful predecessor as heaven's messenger, write and publish the book, The Door to Heaven, in order to enlighten the people in the third dimension. In The Door to Heaven and the succeeding book, The Witness of the Kingdom of Heaven, there are many passages which make it clear that these books are authentially inspired by angels in heavens.
  Heaven informed the world in the past about the forgiving of all mankind's sinsby the crucifixion of Jesus who died for agape (God's love), as recorded in the Bible. But those ungreatefulsinners, both living and dead, who turn their backs on God and forget the love and sacrifice offered for their sake, will receive their last judgement. It has been prophesied that the last judgement will be handed down by Jesus Christ himself. This final trial, the last judgement, is now underway. This last judgement, unlike the one prophesied in the Book of Revelations by the Apostle John as being accompanied by cataclysms and tribulations, was quiently begun early in February of 1978, shortly before the great battle in the fourth dimension between the forces of heaven and Satan. This judgement is being continued into the future. If the hosts in heaven had caused an upheaval on earth, this would have resulted in just that much more destruction of nature, so it was decided to conduct the last judgement quiently, contrary to the prophesy, and this judgement is presently underway.
  Those who do not obey the will of heaven, even though they may be souls from higher dimensions or people who have been united with such souls, will receive the sentence of death to lose their eternal life and to cease existing in this universe. This is the ultimate penalty which we call extinction. The reason such a punishment is being delivered is because, at present, everyone on earth as well as those of us in heaven, are receiving the highest levels. All those persons living and dead are being judged by weighing their actions in their lifetime as well as after death on a balance scale. This is the very moment of the last judgement! The time has become for all persons to mend their ways and to be bathed in heaven's light and take part in the construction of the utopia outlined in The Door to Heaven and The Witness of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  In this way, preparations will be made for the new Kingdom of Heaven on earth for the inception of the 21st century, only nineteen years from now. A new age will begin where a spiritual education and training will be given to raise all children to have noble characters. In this new age to come, those ugly and impure souls, those with false selves, without knowledge of their true selves-those arrogant persons, those who seek the shadow and love darkness, those who pander to the senses and drown themselves in the desires of the flesh, those who tell lies and steal, those who are never satisfied and those lust after power where the strong rule the weak-will not be allowed to exist any more. The new world will enjoy wise and practical life-styles. Everyone will help and support each other with love and respect, and a new Kingdom of Heaven will be built here on earth under God's light. Our next generation may very well live to ride on UFO's and sail through the vastness of the heavens.
  The dawning of this new age is now! When Venus, the star of hope, heralds the new dawn, the souls of the human race have not yet awaken. Soon, when the day comes, shining brilliantly in the glory and grace of God, the earth will enter a new century. This intermediary period is also a time of trials for the human race to welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven, whereby those of us in heaven can purge the decadent world.
  When sunlight pours down on earth once more, the existence of evil be wiped off the face of the earth, and the nightmares of the day before will begin to grow, shiny and straight like young shoots, without fear or worry, under the love and protection of their parents who's previous toil and stife will serve as their nourishment.
  The duty of those parents with children today, is to heed our warning and to protect and raise their children. You must listen to our words from heaven and raise your sweet little angels by guiding them in the right path, in fulfillment of your duty and responsibility to heaven as human beings. The children must grow up with noble characters, worty and befitting of the Kingdom of Heaven.